Courses to Support Parenting Your Child

  • If you are an amazing parent who wants to support their child AND feel more confidence and joy in your parenting you are in the right place. 


    I'm Myla, a PCI Certified Parent Coach and Parent Educator with over 10 years working with children and parents, and want to support you to move toward living your more ideal parenting life. 

    If you have struggled with: 

    -ongoing tantrums that disrupt the whole day

    -toddlers or children who just WON'T stay in their bed

    -resorting to yelling, threats or punishments that no one feels good about

    -have a new baby on the way (or had a new baby recently) and can see changes in your older child


    then help is here! 

    I have four courses that I have pulled from the Joyful Parenting Collective, a membership space where parents can get on demand parenting support and have access to resources, live calls, a supportive group and will get the individual support they need.


    However, the doors only open a few times a year, and sometimes we, as parents, need support right away.


    Below you will find four of the most popular modules inside the JPC, now available for individual purchase YEAR ROUND. 

If you are a parent of a young child, then you likely have known the feeling of impatience or being annoyable. While sometimes we can catch that feeling and work hard to regulate ourselves, other times, it can feel near impossible.


In this course I will walk you through some of the reasons we feel impatient (and no, it's not just because our child is whining!) and how to make fundamental changes and shifts in our lives to actually increase our ability to feel patient. 

This course also includes a lesson on how we can repair and reconnect when we do inevitably lose our patience some of the time. 


Who is this Course for?

If you are the parent and feel overwhelmed, impatient and find yourself yelling or handing out punishments like "no IPad EVER AGAIN!" you are not alone. Parenting can be hard, but it doesn't have to be THIS hard. This course offers a foundation to change how you see your patience and supports you to find new ways to prioritize yourself, clear the small things that amount to you losing your patience, and even helps support you in repair and reconnection while on the learning journey of gaining more patience as a parent. 

What is included?

Each lesson is a video lesson that you can hit play and go about your day! The accompanying PDF workbook dives into both the education and information WITH accompanying actionable plans and activities to support you. 

  • Lesson One: Time Management 

  • Lesson Two: Energy Drains 

  • Lesson Three: Self Care 

  • Lesson Four: Mindset 

  • Lesson Five: Triggers 

  • Lesson Six: Repair After Losing Patience 

  • With Bonus Library Scripts: 

    -RAIN a process of regulating ourselves

As the parent of a SPICY 3 year old myself, I can fully appreciate and understand how challenging tantrums or overwhelming feelings are for our young kids. In this course I support you to reframe how you think about tantrums and concrete and practical strategies that you can put into application immediately. This course will help you lessen the frequency, duration and intensity of tantrums. 



Who is this Course for?

Parents of children age 1-7 years who have children who experience strong feelings, dysregulation and tantrums and parents are wanting to decrease the frequency, intensity or duration of the tantrums.

What is Included: Video Lesson with an accompanying PDF Workbook and Audio File

  • Lesson One: Causes of Tantrums

  • Lesson Two: Big Feelings 

  • Lesson Three: Evaluating Tantrums  

  • Lesson Four: During the Tantrum

  • Lesson Five: After the Tantrum

  • With Bonus Library Scripts: 


    Kid Generated Plan

Sleep is FOUNDATIONAL for our kids being able to learn, regulate strong emotions and even being able to cooperate. Sleep has also become a controversial part of parenting with extremes on either end with few resources that address the question is this meeting both my needs and the needs of my child? 
This course focuses HEAVILY on the before parts of sleep, and the ways we can actually set up our toddlers and young children for great sleep. 
There are things in this course that you won't find in stock sleep plans, as it addresses all the needs of a child and helping them to regulate in order to have sufficient sleep. 

Who is this Course for?

Parents of children around 18 months or older who are looking for an overview of sleep information so they can set up their child for a good sleep and decide about what sleep practices will best meet both the needs of the child and the parent. 

  • Lesson One: Understanding Sleep

  • Lesson Two: Before Strategies

  • Lesson Three: During Strategies

  • Lesson Four: Development and Sleep

  • Lesson Five: FAQ

  • Lesson Six: Sleep Plan ​

I know how challenging it can be for older children to welcome a new sibling into the family. What feels like should be a time of joy and celebration is often a time of potty or sleep regressions and behaviour that seems out of no where. Parents have told me stories of their child asking to throw the baby in the garbage, or of feeling jealous the baby is always with mom. This course will support parents in helping older siblings transition smoothly to a new sibling. Even if you have had a baby in the last 12 months, there will be helpful information for you and your child. 

New Sibling :

Who is this Course for?

If you have older children and are either expecting a baby, or have had a baby in the last 12 months and want to help your older children transition to having a new sibling. Navigating a New Sibling 

  • Lesson One: Starting the Conversation

  • Lesson Two: The Common Sibling Narrative

  • Lesson Three: The Transition to Having a Sibling

  • Lesson Four: The Need Boxes

  • Lesson Five: Sibling Relationship

  • Bonus: A Gratitude Practice

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