If you...

  • Wonder if you are “doing parenting” righ

  • Feel guilty after your interactions with your kids

  • Are out of strategies (or are saying, what strategies?)

  • Have read parenting books and thought, “that’s good in theory, but what about MY kid?”

  • Don’t have patience or energy for parenting

  • Are NOT on the same page with your partner in parenting 

  • Want to provide better parenting for your child than you had

You are in the right place


I help parents of young children feel equipped to handle any challenge and have sustainable and positive changes in their parenting, and their lives.


    Myla’s perspective is always current. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to little people and their needs. I always appreciate hearing her point of view. Young families are so lucky to be able to easily access a parent coach like Myla. 

     Mom of 2 

    Our time with Myla has changed our lives forever as she provided us with an ample amount of tools and personal support to help us navigate through our life as a family. Working with Myla has reminded us what we are capable of to make all the wonderful changes for our family.

     Mom & Dad of 2 

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