When we have a felt sense of our best mothering selves, we can return to that version more easily.


There are days when you should simply declare “Today is Mother’s Day!”


I’ve used this one, and it’s an SOS and a declaration that I’m at capacity and need some self-care. 

If you’ve watched The Office, I think about it like when Michael declares bankruptcy, but literally walking into a room and saying “I declare bankruptcy!” It can have a similar effect. 


It lands, it gets what I need in just a second, because Mother’s Day means something, and it should, but not only on this day. 


Sometimes as amazing moms who are so dedicated to other’s, we forget that when we put on our own oxygen mask first, we actually will be able to show up in a different way for those we are so dedicated to. 

Today is Mother's Day!!!

What were the parts of your Ideal Mother's Day?

  • Breakfast in bed?
  • A sleep in?
  • Some time for just you?
  • Some time with your family?
  • Someone else making dinner, doing clean up, making decisions?

If we think about how it feels or what state we were in after even one of these Mother’s Day traditions, we can use that! 


Often when I work with parents in private coaching, we will work together for months. During that time, there is often at least one vacation, or break. I’ve talked to clients while they were in Hawaii, or the day after a camping trip, or even on the beach! And when I ask about the challenges we are working on, the wins are often more amplified. 


“We feel more relaxed!”

“They are more accepting of our no.”

“They are sleeping hard because we are playing hard!”

“It’s amazing having nothing to do.”


It’s easy to think “ya, of course, they are on vacation!” but the thing is that, it’s still them on vacation. They are still the same parents, and those are still the same kids, and so we dig. We look for what are the things about that vacation or time away that can be replicated once they return to reality?


Sometimes they realize that enjoying a slow coffee in the morning, could change the morning chaos, or that their child thrives not with more activities, but just a bit of sand and open space, often the shift is having a felt sense of knowing what it is when they are a calm, connected parent, so a return to that version of themselves is close at hand. 


So how do we apply this to Mother’s Day?


Notice! Is it easier to open your heart on that day, or be filled with gratitude for your family? Or do you need some help with dinner more than just Mother’s day, or a sleep in more often? 


Notice the wins, notice that felt sense of being you as a mom, and consider how you can transfer that to the other 364 days of the year.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mother’s out there.  


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