When we bring a new baby home, their siblings may have all sorts of responses. From hitting you, to sleeping less, to asking you to put the baby back---there are things we can do!

When we validate our child and don't expect them to have a certain sibling relationship, but instead allow it evolve, we reduce pressure from the children and a meaningful sibling relationship can evolve. 

The research on children's temperament is so interesting. If you have more than one child, or even have been at the park with your toddler and saw other toddlers, you know this. Some kids hang back and are the observers, while others are in there trying to see if they can leap higher from the next platform. 

When I was pregnant with my second, I just knew she had a different temperament than my first. WIth my first, throughout the day I'd poke and nudge her just to get that confirming and calming wiggle back. With my second... well there was no need to wonder, as she did backflips and somersaults all day long! 

Knowing my first had such an easy going temperament and chill nature (even as a two year old), it could have been shocking if I hadn't been prepared for some of the behaviours we saw when her sister arrived. 

If I didn't know what to expect, I could have been SHOCKED by her behaviours when her sister arrived. 

Why I wasn't shocked

I write "could have been" shocked and not that I was, because I was equipped.

While prepping her for what it was like to have a new sister, we tried to explain explicitly she would not play, interact, crawl or do much of anything. 

"So she'll be just like a tree?" Replied my precocious daughter. "Yes!" I exclaimed, exactly, but sometimes louder. 

I had done a lot of the work beforehand of preparing her for becoming a sister (proactive plans are GOLD in parenting) but that doesn't mean she was immune to being a normal new sibling and a toddler. So when she experimented with biting, hitting, some of her first major tantrums, refusal to stay in her bed and so much fear about going to daycare, I knew how much these things had to do with the new sibling, and I felt confident in helping her. 


When we seek the need behind the behaviour, we can show children HOW to get that need met. 

As we supported her navigating the change of a new sibling, I realized more than just waning her to feel safe and adjust to sibling life, I really wanted them to have a great sisterhood, now and for always. 


Now at 3 and 5, we see the fruits of the labour in that first year of their new relationship, and when we do our nightly gratitude at dinner, it's not uncommon for them to say "I'm grateful your my sister." 


How did we facilitate this (because we do get to take credit where credit is due as parents, and my husband and I worked hard to get them here)? We used all of the principles, scripts, and education inside the course I compiled after researching, helping other parents with sibling conflicts and seeing how to best facilitate the relationship in our home. 

For the longest time, you could only access the Navigating the New Sibling Course if you were a part of the Joyful Parenting Collective, but now, I've made it available for purchase year round. 


Click the link below to get your kids off on the right foot, and give them a chance to have a fantastic sibling relationship. 


*****Course is recommended if you are pregnant or your "new baby" is under 12 months old*******



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