Free Tantrum Script and Template

After working with hundreds of parents, supporting them with tantrums, I realized that there were a few things that were helpful:

  1. Having a script helped them STAY CALM during the tantrum so they stayed connected with their child during the strong feelings. 
  2. When parents knew what they wanted to say, they felt confident! Knowing what to say and do during a child's dysregulation is a win! 
  3. Parent's started to reframe success from "My child not ever having a tantrum" to "knowing what I want to say and do when my child has a tantrum."

The tantrum script will provide you not only with language to help during a tantrum, but an emotion coaching process where you hold boundaries, consider your own regulation and know how to repair and reconnect and walk alongside your child as they do the same. 

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Free "Good Parent" Workbook

Something that continually comes up for parents (particularly moms) is this idea of 'Enoughness.' We see other moms and presume that they are the good mom because of some unclear definition we have of what it is to be a 'good parent.' In this comprehensive workbook, I will challenge you to get clear about what it really means to you to be a good mom. 


While I can't guarantee everyone will draw the same conclusion, I have heard from many parents who have completed this workbook that it helped them gentle the expectations of themselves, and in fact see that they were more than a good parent. 


"Thank you for reminding me to gentle with myself. I love the idea that modelling gentleness for myself is likely the best way for my daughter to learn how to be gentle with herself. "

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