“Above all I so appreciate the supportive way Myla approaches issues. How she helps lift parents up when they are feeling doubt. I also feel a sense of calm and patience I haven’t always felt as a parent and know I am a better one for that. I see so many wonderful changes in my son already and when challenges arise I feel I have the structure and “script” to get through them. I feel more connected than ever to my son and family.”

“The JPC uplifts you, encourages you to keep doing what you do best at parenting while giving you resources to address any issues you may have.”

“For me, I find a few things exceptional about the JPC:


  •  The personalized parenting tips and materials from Myla for building confidence.
  • The live calls. These are so helpful because again I can see what others are struggling with and also ask questions and discuss a particular issue in more depth. If a question comes up I can have it answered right on the spot and I can ask for immediate clarification
  • The sense of community I’m getting from it. It’s so helpful to have a supportive place to ask questions and see what others are struggling with. "

Have more questions? I’ve answered a few of the common ones for you below

Is JPC for parents of preteens?

How long will this take me?

What credentials do you have?

How much does the collective cost? Is it worth the price?

Can I leave the collective at any time?

Is JPC only for moms?

No! Dad, teachers, grandparents, daycare providers can all benefit from the process inside JPC!

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