Are you a Parent who ...

“Honestly I’m not sure how to even put into words all the JPC has done for me and my family, but it is not an exaggeration to say it has been life changing.”

-JPC Member

You want to be the best parent you can?

No one loves your children and cares about your family like you do.

And you want to ensure you’re doing everything right and continuing to take care of yourself and your relationship with your partner so that you have more joy and ease. 

Hey I’m Myla, parent coach and educator for families with young children

I’ve been studying child development, education and parenting for more than 10 years. I have a PCI certification (Master’s level parent coaching program), B.Ed, M.Ed, am a former kindergarten teacher and mom of two young children. 


I help people emerge from the struggles of parenting to discover what they want and how to get it. 


When I was a new parent, I had all the information and the formal education, but then there was the reality of parenting. At first I wasn’t sure how to apply all the information into real life because I lacked the small actionable steps that would help me become the kind of parent I wanted to be.

I longed for a space where I could take a break from the daily doldrums of parenting and get guidance to figure out what kind of parent I wanted to be and how to be that parent for my child.

I wanted to feel confident to make decisions that were right for my kids and family.

Through my own experience, years of working with hundreds of parents, and extensive education I've created resources to help parents experience deep transformation in their parenting. 

“It’s definitely helped me find myself. I’ve been really struggling to navigate my Emotions in this world of Covid, with a new baby and a toddler. It’s been a good backbone for me to lean on when I’m feeling like I want to explode!”

-JPC Member

You don’t have to parent alone in silence.

There are many things we can do together to add more joy to your experience as a parent. And it doesn't need to be expensive or require hours of your time every single day to implement.



The Joyful Parenting Collective is your corner of the internet to receive the information and on demand support you need to transform your parenting, connect with other parents and become the kind of parent you’d always hoped you’d be. 


The Joyful Parenting Collective



The JPC is your corner of the internet to receive the information you need to transform your parenting, connect with other parents and become the kind of parent you’d always hoped you’d be. 


Along with educational materials and community support you’ll also get access to monthly group coaching calls to get customized support and answers to all your questions.




"The support the JPC provides is excellent! I feel confident that if I have a question, it will be answered either with the materials that are already in the JPC or from Myla directly. It's great to know you have somewhere to get help when you're frustrated with how something is going at the moment."

What a truly awesome space! I so appreciate Myla's engagement with the JPC members, the thoroughness of her engagement and offerings, and her humility! I also really appreciate the support the members provide to one another. It has been great being part of the collective.

I feel so much calmer and more confident in the way I show up as a parent since joining the JPC. As a family we have fewer frazzled moments and way more laughter and joy. The best and most unexpected part for me is that it has brought us so much closer to one another.

Incredible opportunity for all parents to find the answers they need to help bring joy back to parenting!! There's nothing out there like this!❤️

Inside the Joyful Parenting Collective we support you as you become a more confident, joyous parent this is through:



    • Workbooks with accompanying videos that will help you feel clear on your WHY (what is guiding your parenting?) CHALLENGES (what exactly is making you feel overwhelm?) STRENGTHS (what is amazing about each person in your family) IDEAL (what is your ideal parenting life?) 


    • This clarity will change how you approach parenting
    • Suddenly you will have more time to focus on enjoying your family, instead of trying to figure out how to help them! 

    • Education compiled from the leading resources and information in parenting
    • You don't have to spend hours (or hundreds of dollars) reading books, buying parenting courses, searching on google for "how to get your kid to..."
    • Which means you are getting information that will benefit and consider both the needs of you and your children.

    • Live calls and a Private Facebook Group
    • So you can take action immediately and share wins, and ask follow up questions
    • Meaning you are taking actions that create immediate and sustainable changes in your family. 




    • A private Facebook group with weekly lives, like-minded and knowledgeable parents and space to ask questions.
    • We are all yearning for more connection during the pandemic and this group of parents are non-judgemental and create a safe space to ask questions
    • Meaning you don't need take a poll from your girlfriends to see how they are handling meltdowns (and hear conflicting ideas!). Support and community that aligns with your values!

When you join the Joyful Parenting Collective you’ll receive:

The Core Parenting Pillars Curriculum

An in depth training that will help you quickly establish clarity on your why, your parenting challenges, strengths and vision so that you can make the most out of the program. This is the same process I take my private clients through to get them on track fast to reach their unique goals

2, 60 minute group LIVE parent coaching calls every month

Alongside other amazing parents, join your coach, PCI certified parent coach, Myla, for an hour live video call where you can get your questions answered to your specific parenting struggles. Get ready to be given individualized actionable steps without being judged, shamed or 'shoulded.' You can also expect maximum hand waving while explaining, and a few laughs. 

Instant Access to ALL Modules!

Module one: Increasing Your Patience

Module two: Tantrums

Module three: Part A: Regulation from the Bottom Up

Module three: Part B: Regulation from the Top-Down

Module four: Sleep

Module five: Play

Module six: Anxiety

Module seven: Siblings
Module eight: Co-Parenting

BONUS: Navigating a New Sibling






"Every time I do even a 10 min work session in JPC I find something to try at home with my family"

-JPC Member

Private Parenting Community

All members of JPC are invited to join a private Facebook Community where you can share your weekly intentions, wins and ideas for other parents. There are also live videos to support your parenting and personalized check-ins. 


The Library

A collection of done for you plans, schedules, and scripts to support you in a variety of common parenting situations. When you join JPC you’ll get instant access to:

        → Tantrum script

        → Kid generated plan

        →Independent Play

        → Non Behaviour Specific Compliments

        → Sleep Plan

        → What we can say instead of ‘be careful’

        → Baby signs

        → Talking about death with your child



✓ Cancel at any time with the monthly plan no cancellation fees.

✓ Full, instant access to The Joyful Parenting Collective

✓ Instant Access to ALL Courses

✓ The Core Parenting Pillars curriculum.
✓ Two live group parent coaching calls via video every month.
✓ Instant access to the Joyous Parenting Library.

✓ Invitation to join our Private Parenting community.


✓ Price locked in and will never increase.

✓Plus all of the listed benefits on this page above.



“Above all I so appreciate the supportive way Myla approaches issues. How she helps lift parents up when they are feeling doubt. I also feel a sense of calm and patience I haven’t always felt as a parent and know I am a better one for that. I see so many wonderful changes in my son already and when challenges arise I feel I have the structure and “script” to get through them. I feel more connected than ever to my son and family.”

“The JPC uplifts you, encourages you to keep doing what you do best at parenting while giving you resources to address any issues you may have.”

Still not sure if the Joyful Parenting Collective is for you?

If you’re a parent of young children and any of the following is true for you, we’re calling you over and can’t wait to see you inside the collective:

- You feel overwhelmed by your role as mom or dad

- You’d love to feel more confident in your parenting approaches

- You want to parent in a way that increases your child’s emotional intelligence, resilience and coping strategies

- You want to stop using yelling and using  time outs as rewards

- You want clear, concise information on parenting that is based on research and not just one parent’s experience 

- You’d like to parent in ways that are specific to your child

- You’ve read some parenting books, but struggle to put the information into practice

- You want strategies where you can see the benefits each week

- You want to connect with other like minded parents


“For me, I find a few things exceptional about the JPC:


  •  The personalized parenting tips and materials from Myla for building confidence.
  • The live calls. These are so helpful because again I can see what others are struggling with and also ask questions and discuss a particular issue in more depth. If a question comes up I can have it answered right on the spot and I can ask for immediate clarification
  • The sense of community I’m getting from it. It’s so helpful to have a supportive place to ask questions and see what others are struggling with. "

“My favourite is the quality of the content, forcing us to ask ourselves and partners important questions.”

“I don’t think I can get this anywhere else!”

“I love that any question I may have will be addressed either on the live calls with Myla or through the band app with all the parents.”


Have more questions? I’ve answered a few of the common ones for you below

What’s included in each module?

Each module has lessons which are a compilation of short videos, downloadable audios, PDFs, and exercises to implement the information into your life.

Is JPC for parents of preteens?

How long will this take me?

What credentials do you have?

I already follow you on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook and get lots of information, why would I join this collective?

How much does the collective cost? Is it worth the price?

Can I leave the collective at any time?

When will new modules be released? How will I know when they’re available?

What are the modules on?

Is JPC only for moms?

No! Dad, teachers, grandparents, daycare providers can all benefit from the process inside JPC!

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