Hi! I’m Myla Leinweber (pronounced line-webber), and I’m a PCI certified parent coach and parent educator. In this world of unregulated coaching, it just means I did a master’s level year long coaching program to be able to serve you best. 


I am also a former kindergarten teacher with a Master’s in Education, and a mom of two young girls. 


I live in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, where I joyfully ski, mountain bike and do yoga with my family. 


I don’t take this work lightly, and am fiercely committed to helping parents raise a generation of kids who are emotionally intelligent, resilient, have grit, perseverance and are problem solvers. Just think of the world we are creating!


I have worked with dozens of parents in private coaching and thousands of parents through Instagram supporting them and offering brain compatible and well researched concrete strategies.



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