If you are a parent who...

  •  wants parenting support ‘on demand’ 

  • wants to raise emotionally intelligent and resilient kids

  • wants to join a collective of amazing and supportive parents

  • wants to feel confident in your parenting decisions and know how to navigate parenting challenges

  • wants more JOY in parenting!

Honestly I’m not sure how to even put into words all the the JPC has done for me and my family, but it is not an exaggeration to say it has been life changing.

JPC Member

What's Inside?

  • Core Pillars

    Core pillars that walk you through getting clarity in your parenting strengths, challenges and ideal

  • Modules

    (think courses) where you can understand the why behind parenting practices and our children’s behaviour and get concrete and practical ways to implement things into your daily life. 

  • The Library

A Library of resources where you can grab a script, watch a quick video or get a resource to help you with those common parenting challenges

  • Live Calls

    2 Live calls with a PCI Certified Parent Coach each month

  • Collective

    A space off of Facebook to ask parenting questions and get support from other parents.

  • Opportunities for 1:1

    Draws for free 1:1 calls to get extra support 


JPC is your corner of the internet to receive the information you need to transform your parenting, connect with other parents and become the kind of parent you’d always hoped you’d be.


Along with educational materials and community support you’ll also get access to monthly group coaching calls to get customized support and answers to all your questions.


“Being in JPC has given me so much confidence in moving forward as a respectful parent to my child that I always wanted to be. Myla has created a great platform with so much resourceful materials for helping me face the parenting challenges. Moreover through band app you get to meet other amazing parents who are sharing their experiences and tips, which makes an incredible community. I am feeling so lucky and happy that I decided to join JPC.”

"The JPC is a great resource if you want to be proactive or need to be less reactive in your parenting. Myla is an excellent parenting coach whose opinion I trust! Thank you for creating a space for parents to come together with a mindset of trying to do our best with the tools we have."