For only $5CAD/Month You can have access to:

  • Monthly in depth videos to support you on your parenting journey

  • Access to two wildly popular workshops

  • A live group call!

Workshop One: The Needs

  • Language that has helped SO many parents immediately shift whining.

  • A reframe of how our and our children's needs work, and how to help our child get their needs met without defiance, hitting, yelling or ignoring.

  • A framework to hang the question of: what is the need behind their behaviour.

This workshop helped me understand my child AND my self better!

Workshop Two: A Framework for Parenting Challenges

  • Understand the rationale behind why we would parent 'this way' without punishments, rewards, threats or yelling. 

  • Hear about how two parents got on the same page, by understanding how they wanted to parent with certain goals in mind. 

  • Learn about a few foundational concepts that support us in the way we approach our children. 

  • Learn a framework that has helped hundreds of parents emerge from an intense parenting challenge as a confident parent. 

This workshop helped me put together so many ideas! So helpful!

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