“Myla has a natural talent with clients, without judgment she makes you feel at ease and supported. She gave me the tools and resources that enabled me to be better, not just for my children but also better to myself. I really appreciated how she communicated and recapped our conversations. A year later and I still refer to our notes when life goes off the rails.”

— -KM


“I was looking for help managing a general sense of overwhelm in our family.  My children fought most mornings and afternoons/evenings after school.  I felt exhausted and ineffective most of the time.  I knew my oldest child struggled with anxiety but I didn't feel like I had found an effective way to help him.


I worked hard with Myla, We ended up doing a total of 15 sessions over many months.  It was real work, but the payoff was huge and tangible from the start.  There were gains from the 2nd or 3rd session, and they kept building up to real transformation for our family.”


“Myla has an incredible way of making you see the positives and through her wonderful guidance, making little changes that in the end amount to big shifts in the way we do things in our everyday lives making my family life feel a lot less stressed, happier & that we really can be living our dream. It has now been almost 2 months since I finished the coaching sessions, and although we still ebb and flow, now the difficult times are much easier to manage. I really can’t Thank Myla enough for this amazing gift she’s given to our family. I would recommend this to anyone with challenges in their family life. Myla is fantastic!!! ”


“Thank you Myla! As first time new parents we were struggling to define our roles as parents. Myla was there for us through this new and exciting time. She supported us and gave us the tools we needed to navigate. She was always available by phone or in person, and we can’t recommend her enough! ”

— -MV+JH

“I would recommend Myla’s parent coaching to any parent. She not only helped me with my daughter’s sleep issues but also helped me be a more confident and competent parent. Myla works with the personal dream that you want to achieve for not only your child but for yourself as well. Myla is extremely knowledgeable and was able to send me all sorts of information regarding my child’s sleeping issues and provided extensive recaps of our session so I could refer back to them in the future. Myla is also an extremely kind, caring and positive person and not only helped me out with my parenting but also helped me with my personal issues which were affecting my parenting. I am forever grateful for the experience and the chance to meet such and amazing woman. ”

— -KR

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